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The Origin of
"The Forward Seat"

Captain Caprilli jumping in Italy.
Learn about the interesting origin of the style of jumping that we use everyday!
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Questions & Answers

"Hi, I noticed on your website
that you called a horse an 'Oldenburger'. 
Isn't that a typo?"

Find out the names and origins
of popular horse brands.
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"How are horses branded?"


Videotaped on a trip to Europe, Christopher shows you the process of a foal being branded. 
Caution: This video clip may be disturbing to some viewers. 
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"How are horses transported on airplanes?"

"What kind of planes do horses fly on when they are imported?"
"What do the planes look like?"
"Are they cargo planes? Are they commercial planes?"
After having imported countless horses from Europe, Christopher shows you, using moving video from one of his trips overseas, just how horses are flown on an airplane. 
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For Beginner Riders & Green Horses:

In this on-line lesson series geared for beginner riders, or those with green horses, Christopher explains the proper way to mount a horse.  For those training green horses, he also explains an often overlooked technique in training your horse to be mounted that is very important, not always easy and, at times, can even be dangerous.  "Click here".


For Advanced Riders:
"Why Can't I Ride Like That?"

"Overcoming the Adult Rider Jitters"
Christopher gives Adult Amateur riders advice on how to shake the "jitters" 
and ride with confidence. "Click Here"


DEC trainer Christopher Ewing
featured in the November 2006 edition of "Equestrian magazine"

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The Detroit Equestrian Club trainer, Christopher Ewing, has over 25 years of national and international show jumping experience.   With numerous wins in the show ring, Christopher is credited with having imported and trained some of the top hunters & jumpers in the country and he has a unique gift of bringing both horse and rider to that "next level".  Some of the horses that he has imported and trained have gone on to win championship tri-colors at top shows, including Capitol Challenge, Washington International Horse Show, Harrisburg, National Horse Show,  Winter Equestrian Festival, Indio, Hampton Classic, and many others. Christopher has also trained finalists who have competed in all of the major equitation finals, including the USEF Medal Finals, ASPCA Maclay Finals, USET Showjumping Talent Search Finals and more.  As the owner of The DEC, Christopher specializes in the sales and training of top quality hunters, jumpers and equitation horses.  He also gives clinics around the country and receives horses in for training.

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To schedule a clinic with Christopher at your farm,
or at The Detroit Equestrian Club,
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